As internet marketers we are all aware of the importance of attracting targeted traffic to our legitimate online businesses and learning how to do this to a website that promotes online income opportunities or services is essential. If you don’t promote your business no one will even know that it is there.

Here are some tips on ways to generate the traffic you want:

1. Know and Use Suitable Keywords and Keyword Phrases

Your first task as an internet marketer is to discover the right keywords and keyword phrases that are pertinent to your online business niche. Begin by researching the words that people use when they look for information online. These are the words that will get you better rankings in the search engines and it is achieved by the search engine spiders that will recognize the words used.

2. Add Quality Content to Your Website

Once you have chosen your keyword and keyword phrases your next step will be to start adding content to your website or blog that is keyword-rich. An important point to remember though is not to get so carried away with using your keywords that you forget that the articles you write are going to be read by real people not robots so keep them reader friendly. Also be sure not to “keyword stuff” your article because this will just make it look like spam and it will not be attractive to anyone, in fact if you do this you stand a very good chance of being banned from the search engines.

3. Build a Website that is Simple and User-friendly

You obviously want to have a website that will attract visitors and you can do this by adding graphics and possibly some animations to the site, but this will not guarantee a following. Keep in mind that too many graphics etc on your site will slow the download time enormously and not only that but the crawlers will also find it difficult to navigate around the website.

When crawlers get stuck it is unlikely that they will try to navigate any further and this will impact on your legitimate online businesses search engine rankings which in the end can cost you many visitors.

4. Using Social Networking Sites to Promote Your Online Business Website

There are literally hundreds of social networking sites online today and included amongst these are sites such as Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. Without any doubt these can help to get you thousands of visitors every day if you just join a couple of them and promote yourself and your online business.

5. Really Simple Syndication or RSS

This is a great way to generate more targeted traffic to your website so write a short and concise summary letting people know what your website is all about and post it into your profile when you join.

Generating targeted traffic to your legitimate online business may seem like a long and boring job, but if you set up a plan on how you are going to do this you will find that it really is not so bad, and remember that this is the lifeblood on which your online business depends.

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