As an online home based marketer there is the possibility that you need to improve your writing skills. If you have your own website you may want to create a sales page that leads to better conversions or improve your email conversion rates or just write better content on your website or blog. The reason why you want to improve your writing skills is not the issue, but here are a few simple ideas that will make all the difference in the world and allow you to build a solid foundation for your online income business.

There are no fixed rules about how long your copy needs to be. Generally for blog posts the recommendation is in the 350 – 500 word ranges, but shorter and also longer posts have been equally successful. When creating a sales page the usual rule of thumb is that the more expensive the product, the longer the sales page, however since the advent of video and audio being added to sales pages, the length is continually changing. Really your copy just needs to be long enough to include everything that your prospective customer needs to know without adding anything that is unnecessary.

Don’t get too carried away just keep your creative writing skill simple. Many copywriters over-think the process in order to create compelling copy. It is far better to keep things simple and focused and write in a conversational manner that makes for easy reading. Unless the information is technical, there is no need to lecture your readers, rather engage them and get them interested in what you have to say.

Format your copy so that it is laser focused and you can do this when you keep it simple. Ensure that each paragraph relies on just one thought and has a specific point to support the content it contains.

Make you content easy to read. To do this successfully you must have the writing skills that give you the ability to give your readers what they want and this includes correct spelling and grammar and the formatting should be easy to both read and scan.

Your headline is very important. The first thing that anyone sees is your headline and it needs to be really eye catching if you want your prospective readers to look further. If your headline is uninteresting people will just move on and will not even glance at your copy. Your headline is your first chance to make a good impression.

By following these five ways to improve your writing skills you will find an immediate increase to the number of readers who not only read your copy, but look forward to more from you, so keep the copy relevant to the product you are promoting, keep it simple and laser focused and make it easy to read. You will not only gain more readers but you will find a general improvement in your online home based business.