If you have an affiliate internet home based business and you seriously want to make money with it, then you really need to consider investing in a top-quality ad tracking program. This is one item that is of paramount importance in keeping control of your business growth, as it will help you to improve the performance of all your links and advertisements.

How a tracking program works is by replacing the actual link of any of your advertising links or advertisements with an ad tracker link. You will set this up when using the ad tracker program by entering the original link into the program and clicking on a button. The program will then automatically generate a tracking link to be used instead of the original link.

The way that this helps you is, for example, if you place a classified ad and just enter the website URL, the visitor is taken directly to the website when they click on the link and you have no way of knowing how many people have clicked. By using an ad tracker, whenever anyone clicks on an ad tracker URL on the classified ad, they will be taken to the website, but at the same time, that action will also be registered in the statistics of your ad tracking  program and you can then see just how many people were interested enough to click on that link.

You might be thinking “this is all very well but what benefit is it to me”.

The big advantage of knowing this information is that these statistics will quickly let you know how eye catching your advertisement is and whether it is attracting enough traffic, or alternatively whether there is a need to tweak it or replace it altogether with a better version. Internet business owners who take their businesses seriously will have several different adverts running for the same product, and will be testing them by using the ad tracker to discover which ads are successful and get great results, and which ads perform poorly and need to be replaced.

This simple technique when used over a period of time can make a huge difference to anybody’s internet based business and can be the one thing that makes the difference between success and failure.

Another point to think about here is that your ability to write powerful ads will improve with the constant practice involved in rewriting those ads that don’t work too well. It is true that ad trackers do involve a bit more work, but in the grander scheme of things when you make the effort to set up an ad tracker and monitor what your advertising efforts are achieving for you, you will realize that the benefits far outweigh the extra bit of work required.

A professional ad tracker will not only count the amount of clicks your ads are generating, it will also track where your traffic is coming from and record the IP addresses as well. In this way you will be able to see whether you are getting repeat visits from people and also which keywords are being used to find your ads in the first place.

So if you would like your legitimate internet business to prosper then invest in a good ad tracker and stop marketing your business blindly. With an ad tracker you will learn quickly what works and what doesn’t work.